We are not only passionate about giving our clients a product that will put a smile on their faces and boost their confidence but we are also incredibly passionate about helping others achieve freedom. 

Whether it is time freedom, financial freedom or the freedom of being your own boss and having your own flexibility it is our passion to help you achieve your goal and dream. 

We have helped numerous individuals start their own businesses, that have ended up quitting their full-time jobs and replacing or doubling their full-time income through their perfume business with hard work and consistency. Many of our business partners and agents are well on their way there. Others are utilising this opportunity as a side income to give them an extra source of income alongside other commitments. 

We want to offer you the opportunity to partner with us in business. Please click the sign me up button below and fill out our form.
🎀We will then send you a WhatsApp or email within 2-5 business days and explain our business system and different agent rankings.
🎀You will also be assisted by a mentor who will help you get started and equipped for this business and if needed, provide training to help you succeed in your business.

No joining fees or hidden costs! It is completely free to start your business (reseller cost pricing are however only provided after your first order has been placed to avoid chance takers) and you can cancel at any time. You have nothing to lose 😊

Looking forward to doing business with you and getting you started on your journey. See you on the other side ❤️

Partnership agreement and terms

In agreeing to partner with Bossbabe Collections in business, you are agreeing to our policies and terms and conditions of which we declare that once you are a partner, you herewith agree that you will not be permitted to do business with any competitive suppliers or companies. You will not be permitted to do business with any other perfume/fragrance suppliers/retailers whilst in business with and representing the name of Bossbabe Collections. You are not permitted to communicate or share any of the Bossbabe Collections trainings or communicate our business and products, content, documents (such as video trainings and content, voicenotes, zoom trainings) with any individual or party that is not in partnership with you (eg. sidelines, competitors, outsiders etc.) unless permitted to do so by the CEO and founder of Bossbabe. Should any of our policies and terms be broken, you will be terminated from doing business with us and legal action can be taken.


You agree to and are obligated to as a Bossbabe Collections Reseller, to send our disclaimer to each client and uphold to our training methods, you shall not discriminate the name of our company by any means and will thoroughly and professionally discuss all product and or business related topics with clients and partners. In partnering with us in business you agree to be respectful and professional towards all partners, clients and mentors.