Read before you buy


Dear customer 

Please note that these are original rejects, EDP & EDT.

The reason why our perfumes are so cheap is easy to explain. They have been in circulation for a long time and due to that, the scent doesn't last the whole day, because of this reason, local retail stores aren't allowed to sell them, so we do.
There might be other defects such as a bottle cap that doesn't fit perfectly, or a few scratches on the bottle itself, packaging might not always be perfect but they are always sealed, if not sealed it will be marked as (not sealed).

There MIGHT be a slight change in scent, but this rarely ever happens.
Please be sure of your order before you transfer money over to our account as we don't do refunds.


We and Service Providers disclaim against and accept no liability for the use of the perfumes, or any losses and expenses for whatever nature arising from the use of our products and services, due to them being Reject perfumes. The bottle caps and ornamental bits on the bottles may be loose or damaged. The concentration of the perfumes may differ and be slightly weaker due to age or discontinued stock.

Therefore, All perfumes are purchased at your own risk and we, make no
representations or warranties of any kind and will not be liable for any claim relating to your purchases. 

Who we are- an online business, without a
walk-in store, that arranges deliveries to the whole of South Africa, All Designer Fragrances in our store are rejects which have been parallel imported. The authorized South African distributors of these products are under no obligation to honor the manufacturers' guarantees/warranties or to provide any after-sales service for these self-imported branded products. Please ensure that you understand the below disclaimer before making any purchase in our store!

1. Disclaimer and Exclusion of Liability: 
1.1 Designer Fragrances:
1.1.1 All fragrances are sold in their branded packaging with bottles that are completely sealed. However, in certain cases, the older designs of bottles and packaging are present.
1.1.2 Some of these fragrances have been in a longer period of circulation, therefore
the scent may not last as long as the items you would purchase from an authorized distributor (taking into consideration that these fragrances are priced at a fraction of the retail store price).
1.1.3 Do not compare the fragrances purchased from us to those sold in ordinary retail stores, due to the following: The fragrances are not manufactured locally and are imported from another country, without the consent of the intellectual property right owner; The fragrances are then sold to the public at a reduced price and without the usual guarantee and/or after sales service; Also, some manufacturers use varying alcohol bases (dealt with in paragraph 2.10 below); The fragrances are made in differing factories to the original South African store-bought fragrances and are imported into South Africa as reject stock, These fragrances are reject stock; therefore, the following defects may
be present:

  • In some cases, slight damage to the packaging;
  • In some cases, a bottle cap that is not firm or tight;
  • In some cases, incorrect branding; In some cases, minor scratches; Our supplier warrants that these fragrances are NOT fake, that they are NOT imported from China and that they are NOT water or oil-based fragrances.

2. Terms & Conditions:
2.1. The quality of the fragrance may vary. All brands do not have the same quality, as some brands have been circulating for longer periods than other fragrances, and we cannot always guarantee which fragrance/ brand has been in a longer period of circulation or not.
2.2. You may purchase a fragrance, in which the quality of packaging may also be different, as the packaging may be an older
design because designs get redesigned
over time as well.
2.3. These are rejected fragrances. They are not store quality and neither are they store- purchased fragrances. However, these
fragrances are still great value for money, as they are not remakes made in China.
2.4. It may happen in the case of imported fragrances from other countries, that the concentration levels of the fragrances may be different to that of the local fragrances that you would find in your local retail store. This is because they are manufactured in different manufacturing factories. They use varying alcohol bases around the world i.e. UAE
uses grape-based alcohol; Europe uses a potato-based alcohol (Vodka), and the USA uses a grain-based alcohol,
2.5. Reformulation of fragrances occurs often, which gives rise to a variety of vintages
and batches, hence the same fragrance can vary in scent from one country to
another, depending on where it was made or imported from. Therefore, in some instances, our fragrance may not last long as the local fragrance that you are used to.
2.6. We are not claiming that this would be the result of your purchase, however it could in some cases be the result.
2.7. These are imported fragrances. We cannot guarantee the result of the fragrance,
since as these are fragrances are not purchased from a store but are imported as reject fragrances. We do not physically
assess every box individually to see the cause of its reject.
2.8. All fragrances are premium alcohol- based fragrances.
2.9. A guarantee on items purchased cannot be granted that all fragrances purchased are reject free therefore the price has drastically been reduced and purchased on own risk and called rejected imported fragrances.
2,10 These are reject fragrances for consumers who do not wish to pay the high retail price, due to various reasons such as their own body chemistry whereby the alcohol is dissolved too quick into their skin leading to more than once spritz of the fragrance in a day or desire to purchase designer fragrances as gifts all year round.

3. Return and refunds:
3.1. Due to the nature of the fragrances, there are NO REFUNDS or RETURNS. All items are purchased are at one's own discretion after reading disclaimers.

4. Why are our prices cheaper?
We buy direct and sell direct to ensure our customers receive the best affordable prices. Our products are sourced from international
markets which have a greater economy. By sourcing the products at cheaper prices and by- passing local wholesalers, we can offer customers
affordable prices. To many consumers, the lower prices are worth the "back door" implications. Even though the fragrances are a fraction of the cost, these are proper alcohol-based perfumes (not water or oil-based) which are boxed and sealed in their branded packaging. They look and smell like the authentic perfume we all know and love however, they don't last as long because they are sold as rejects, either caused during manufacturing or shipment, or almost close to their expiry date (although alcohol-based fragrances can last up to 5-8 years). The fragrances we sell look and smell the same. They are delivered in sealed packages and in their branded box, however you might have to spray the fragrance during the course of the day.

All fragrances are VAT exclusive and excludes delivery charges.
• All fragrances are while stock lasts since products are sold swiftly.
• When placing orders, confirm firstly if stock is available
• In certain unforeseen cases, a fragrance may go out of stock after ordering, we suggest purchasing something that is in stock to avoid disappointment