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What are "Factory Rejects"?

1. In many cases factory rejects are basically marked down stock, that has been standing on the shelves of the retail stores for too long and reached it’s sell by date, therefore it is then sent to our warehouse and we resell them for less.

2. Before perfumes goes into the retail stores it goes through an evaluation process to check that all of the perfumes are good to be sent off to the retail stores. Sometimes there may be some package damage, scratch marks on the bottle or a bottle cap missing, some perfumes have been in circulation for a long time which impacts the quality or life of the perfume which means the perfume may not last as long and the quality is not as good as those in retail stores and therefore it then gets sent to our warehouse as factory rejects and we sell them for less than half the price.

Where are you based?

We are an Online Store and deliver nationwide

How do I know the perfumes are not fake?

Unfortunately there are many people out there selling counterfeits. The best way to prove authenticity for any cosmetic product is via a batch code. Our perfumes all comes with batch codes which you can find at the bottom of the bottle or on the box and can verify via any batch code checker you can find on google or you can go to www.checkfresh.com and enter your batch code.

Our perfumes are however factory rejects and the quality of our fragrances are not the same or to be compared to those in retail stores. For more info on this, head to “what are factory rejects” in our FAQ

Are they Alcohol, water or oil based?

They are Alcohol based:

It can happen in the case of imports from other countries that the concentration of the perfume may differ to that of the local version that you find in your regular retailer. This is because they are made in different manufacturing plants.

They use different alcohol bases around the world i.e. Europe uses a potato based alcohol (Vodka), France uses grape based alcohol, and the USA uses a grain based alcohol. 

Fragrances are also reformulated every so often, creating different vintages and batches, hence the same fragrance can differ in smell from one country to another, depending on where it was made or imported from. Therefore, in some instances, our fragrance may not last as long as the local version that you are used to. 

Please note that these goods have been imported without the approval of the manufacturer or its licensed supplier. Therefore these goods will not be covered by the warranty of the manufacturer or its licensed supplier.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of our product as explained in our Disclaimer, we regret no returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted. 

We do however want to keep our customers happy and will tend to each one in a manner that we can see what we can do.  The items are however sold “voetstoots”.  Should a decision be made to process a refund then we will do so to your wallet with us.  Therefore it will not be paid back to you, it will be as a credit for you to use.

I want to resell!

To become an Agent with Special pricing you will need to order from us a few times in one month, this will show that you are serious.

You can go to our page “Partner with us” and register there – also please read the rules and what is expected from Agents

We have the right to revoke your Agent pricing at any time we feel that you are not within the Agent requirement

Are there any additional fees payable?


Botswana and Namibia & Other International Destinations:

Select your country and the shipping will be set to zero. Once we have your order then we will process a collection with the courier and they will email you with the amount to be paid for your parcel, once paid to them then they will collect your parcel from us and deliver to you.

All border tax will be for your account

Can I pay on collection?


Unfortunately, the couriers company cannot accept payment on our behalf.

What are your payment options?

Payment Options Include PayFast & EFT

Orders paid via EFT will be processed on our side the next business day.


Delivery Time

All payments received before 8am in the morning will be packed and sent out via the courier on the same day – we will send you the tracking details for the courier on the following business day.

Payments after 9am will go through the following business day.

We are not liable for the time frame of the courier – as this is out of our control

Generally the courier time frame is:

Our delivery estimate is 5-10 business days with a 3-4 business day processing time in which you will not yet receive updates as this means the order has not yet left our warehouse.

Shipping details and order updates will be provided via email  after your order has completed the processing time.We have a Fast delivery option of 3-5 business days.

Outlying areas can take 15-20 business days after we have sent you the tracking details
warehouse will provide a delivery service. You will still be responsible for payment of the shipment of your order, however, we will provide the pricing thereof upon receipt from the warehouse. 

Please ensure that your shipping details are entered correctly prior to placing the order

Once payment is received we will pack your order and we will book the courier, they will email you with the amount to be paid for transport, once you have paid them then they collect from us – delivery time frame will also depend on the courier (generally anything from 2 to 10 business days. All border tax due will be for your account.

Is this a scam?

We understand that the amount of scams on the internet are so huge at the moment and we assure you that we are not a scam. We also believe in honesty is the best policy.

We have plenty of waybill numbers we can send you in order for you track them and see that deliveries have in fact been done

What happens if a perfume I ordered is out of stock?

Even if we check stock before you pay, the item could still sell out before your order is processed on the Warehouse side. Should this happen then we will communicate with you for either a replacement to the same value or you will receive a credit to your account.

What if my perfume does not spray?


1. Remove the spray cap from the actual bottle (meaning the button the spray comes out)

2. You will then see a white pipe that goes into the bottle, Press that white pipe with your nail (The reason you have to do this with your nail is to keep the hole open, do not press down with your finger as you will then block the hole) Press a few times continuously until the perfume squirts out, if the perfume comes out of that white pipe, the problem will be with the actual button you removed.


1. Your cap will have plastic inside with a lid over to match your bottle style. So it will either be silver, or gold, or whichever colour.

2. Check and make sure the 2 holes align with each other meaning the white plastic hole and the silver hole on top need to align. Make sure you can visually see where the perfume would spray out of the nozzle.

3. Run that cap through very hot water or leave it in very hot water for about 10 mins to make sure there isn’t a blockage in the holes.

If none of this works please send us photos of the parts or a video, so we can see what the actual problem could be to help us better assist with this problem.

Sometimes not spraying is a very minor defect and can be fixed within seconds.

In those cases we might need to pick up that perfume, however if we pick it up and it was just a minor defect like holes didnt allign customer will be charge replacement fees as well as courier back and forth

we will also then send the client the original perfume back

How long does the scent last?

This is a Difficult Question to Answer:

It is Very Important to note that the perfume does not last as long as the original store bought one as some of the fragrances have been in circulation. If you are not happy that your perfume may have slight defects or that you may need to spray 2 or 3 times a day in some cases, and are expecting the same quality as those in retail stores then please don’t buy these and expect the lasting power of the one in store.
Every perfume is different and cannot be expected to have the same lasting smell, as some scents are meant to be lighter and some heavier. For example Light Blue EDT is designed to have a lighter fragrances than Black Orchid.
Your skin and diet plays a huge role. Some clients have stated a perfume lasting 7-8 hours and another client who bought the same item says 30 minutes.
Heat maximizes perfume. Your neck, wrists and back of knees and other pulse points emit more heat than other parts of the body. There are times in the day where perfume may smell stronger than other times of the day because of the heat.

What if I receive the wrong perfume?

If a different item was sent to what is on your order then please do not open it – send us the image and we will arrange collection and send the correct item

If the item packaging looks slightly different that may be due to the different years and batches of the packaging and in this case we do not take it back.
We are also human and therefore do make mistakes, we strive to try and send out what you ordered without mistakes, but human error does occur from time to time

What is a back order and how does it work?

Sometimes stock can sell out really fast due to high demand of orders. We offer the option to clients to place a back-order which means you order and pay for the product even if it is out of stock and as soon as we receive the product back in stock we send it out immediately. Please note that agents are not in control of how long it can take, it can take anything from 3 weeks or more to receive your back order as we cannot always say what stock will come in next. Back orders are placed at clients own decision and are unfortunately non-refundable. If it takes longer than 6 weeks for the product on back order to come back into stock, the client can either choose a replacement or if the client wishes to have a refund we will refund the client with a credit that will be available to them on our system.

Kindly understand our agents are doing everything they can to give you their best possible service and they will not be held liable for any delays with back orders.